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How do I contact Maxius Hair?

Why does the MaxiGlide pull my hair?

How long until I receive my MaxiGlide?

Will the MaxiGlide work on all types of hair?

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Do you have a Money Back Guarantee?

What is the difference between RUSH delivery and REGULAR delivery?

I live in Canada — will there be any additional charges?

Questions about the MaxiGlide

How come my MaxiGlide will not turn on?

How do I clean my MaxiGlide?

What if my MaxiGlide breaks?

What temperature does the MaxiGlide Reach?

Is the water compartment only for water?

Can I use MaxiGlide on wet hair?

I just bought the MAXIGLIDE and I am losing a lot of hair from the detangling pins. Is this normal?